theory-of-changeOur Model for Supporting Sustainable, Vital, Excellent Catholic Schools in the Los Angeles Region

The Specialty Family Foundation believes that…

“Catholic Schools provide a pathway out of poverty for disadvantaged and vulnerable students and their families.”—Deborah A. Estes

We believe that inner-city Catholic elementary schools can grow and thrive:

IF a school cultivates and recruits a visionary leadership team,
THEN that leadership team is capable of planning and executing an exciting and ambitious academic vision that is:

  • Innovative and able to measure demonstrable impact and outcomes
  • Collaborative, partnering with as many external experts and communities as necessary

And IF a school communicates this vision of impact effectively to the right constituents, which requires an intentional, smart, staffed, branding and marketing strategy,
THEN its community will grow.

  • More students will enroll.
  • More potential supporters will invest.
  • More talented board members will join.
  • People will talk about the school and its inspiring ambition to change lives.

…And IF a school’s community of stakeholders grows,
THEN so will its resources; which can and must be used to re-invest in its exciting and vibrant vision.

The Result

Vibrant, academically rigorous, fully enrolled, sustainable Catholic elementary schools are thriving in Los Angeles and are available to every child who sees to attend it regardless of ability to pay.