substance-abuseSpecialty Family Foundation’s giving in the area of Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention is rooted in the belief that intergenerational poverty cannot be solved without addressing those that are in the grip of substance addiction.

The Foundation’s grant making philosophy in this area includes thorough due diligence in selection of grantees followed by loyal, consistent, sustainable, annual grant awards. The organizations chosen for support reflect several elements that have become central to how we prefer to fund in this area:

  • The agency’s intervention programming utilizes the Twelve Steps.
  • The agency has residential treatment services serving low income families.
  • The Foundation helps fill a gap in the agency’s ability to carry out a program that would otherwise have limited sources of funding, i.e. government revenue.
  • The Foundation’s funds help sustain a program.
  • The agency provides a comprehensive approach to integrated care and wrap around services.

We fund the following organizations in the area of Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention: