inner-citySpecialty Family Foundation’s largest programmatic emphasis and most hands-on area is our focus on Archdiocese of Los Angeles inner-city Catholic schools. We provide opportunities for these schools to dramatically enhance and grow their capacities in marketing and developing resources in sophisticated, effective and sustainable ways.

We take an active change agent approach to our work with Catholic schools that borders on being operational. Our approach is unconventional:

  • We are optimists, motivated by the possible and what might work, not the fear of what might not work.
  • We choose areas we deem to be most significant and unaddressed, selecting a set of strategies, even a single strategy with a specific set of schools over a period of time to make the deepest and most informed impact.
  • We invest in strategies that seek to create positive, incremental, sustained growth in schools’ capacities. We don’t invest in provisions or subsidizations, which in effect sustain stasis or worse yet, manage smoother declines.

The Foundation aims to build sustainable and excellent inner city Catholic schools through increased business capacity, increased academic capacity and student growth, and increased academic and financial transparency.

A report on our Catholic Schools Capacity Building Initiative can be found here*