Other Education Programs

Memorial Scholarships

other-programsSpecialty Family Foundation sponsors two annual scholarship programs in memory of its founders:

  • James B. Peter Memorial
    High School Scholarships
    Scholarships to graduating eighth grade students attending elementary schools we support to continue their education at Catholic high schools.
  • Joan C. Peter Memorial Scholarships
    A program that seeks to make possible a Catholic education for children in impoverished families affected by substance abuse issues.


Catholic Schools Collaborative (CSC)

The Catholic Schools Collaborative (CSC) was incorporated in July 2014 as an independent 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to establish and support collaborative efforts that foster best practices in the areas of academics, operations and administration at Catholic elementary schools in lower income Los Angeles communities. Each of the CSC’s programs involve several schools working in collaboration on innovative programs, in partnership with third party professional experts, and with the support of multiple funders.

We believe that with a partner in the Catholic Schools Collaborative and an emphasis on the focus areas of academic and fiscal transparency and accountability, the inner-city Catholic schools we serve will become thriving institutions of academic excellence.

Other Educational Programs

Specialty Family Foundation has long-standing philanthropic partnerships with organizations that provide supplemental educational programs such as summer and youth leadership camps, cultural development, and art and music education. Our partnerships include: