about-historySpecialty Family Foundation was launched in 2006 by Dr. James B. and Joan C. Peter. Its roots stem from a combination of the Peter family’s faith, passions and values combined with Dr. Peter’s driven, evidence-based, innovative approach to his pursuits and life-changing work through the company he founded, Specialty Laboratories, Inc.

The Peters were devoutly Catholic and strong believers in the value of Catholic education. They, their extended family, and their children all attended Catholic schools and credit the quality education and core values gained there with their success in work and life. They believed in the value of Catholic education for the educationally at-risk and economically disadvantaged, but saw the need for systemic change and innovative strategies in order for inner-city Catholic schools to thrive.

The Peters also believed in the importance of effective prevention and treatment of substance abuse, particularly intergenerational substance abuse in the lives of the impoverished. They instilled in the Foundation’s culture a commitment to supporting innovative programs that seek to empower families with the education and skills needed to prevent the children in those families from becoming adults who will become impoverished and struggling with the same addictions.

Today, Dr. and Mrs. Peter’s legacy is carried on by six surviving children and one grandchild who make up the Specialty Family Foundation Board of Directors along with four trusted independent Directors. The Board is chaired by their daughter, Deborah A. Estes.